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Tom Mathy

These were accumulated over the course of about two weeks sometime last year; I was posting a new one every workday to the microblog service (it’s like Twitter, but for much, much cooler people). But they’re a little hard to search for.

They vary a lot, obvious to obscure, basic-level to advanced. Your entertainment mileage may vary. No other commentary is forthcoming.

  • “That must be the slope,” Tom derived.
  • “Conic sections are my favorite thing in the world!” Tom hyperbolized.
  • “The sign just doesn’t matter,” Tom said absolutely.
  • “How good of you to include all of the elements not in this set,” complemented Tom.
  • “I thought I told you to find the vector product.” Tom said crossly.
  • “Well sure, everything’s a subset of itself” Tom said reflexively.
  • “I think I’ll graph the function over here,” Tom plotted.
  • “There’s nothing wrong with multiplying by the square root over itself,” Tom rationalized.
  • “Group theory is really something,” said Tom abstractly.
  • “None of the angles in this decagon are greater than 180 degrees!” Tom said with conviction.
  • “Multiplying by one gives me the number I started with,” Tom identified.
  • “Just for that, I’m going to swap your numerator and denominator,” Tom reciprocated.
  • “At times I like to pretend that I’m Rafael Bombelli,” Tom said with imagination.
  • “Evidently THAT angle is just 89 degrees,” Tom observed acutely.
  • “I don’t know how many roots there are and I don’t care to find out,” Tom said indiscriminately.
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